T.J. is a business leader and entrepreneur with a proven track record as a strategic advisor and change agent within the small business sector. She is not just passionate about seeing others in business realize their full potential; she is the one who can get them there. T.J.’s unique; “tell it like it is” approach, has propelled many in business to a level they never thought attainable. She directs business owners and employees to where they want to go, where they need to go, and where they deserve to be going. As passionate as she is about business, T.J. is even more passionate about helping others achieve full-faith living.

T.J. is the Founder and Executive Director of Working Women of Faith, a non-profit organization that exists to equip and encourage women of faith to live out their calling in the workplace to the glory of God.

T.J. Tison has been a guest on 2 episodes.