Robb Hiller is one of the nation’s foremost executive coaches and talent experts. He is founder and CEO of Performance SolutionsMN in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, which for more than twenty years has helped leaders and organizations across the country identify, attract, and develop talent. Robb is a certified professional behavior analyst, results coach, and talent assessment expert who has evaluated more than 24,000 individuals, everyone from business-to-business sales staff to senior managers at Fortune 500 companies. His efforts have led to dramatic improvements in people’s personal lives and in their effectiveness at work, as well as in company profit margins. His clients use words such as “empowering” and “inspiring” to describe Robb’s impact.

For Robb, helping people discover and develop their natural talents is more than a career—it’s a calling. Since his days as a sales associate at Xerox, he has seen the difference it makes when people utilize their gifts to their full potential. A man of strong spiritual faith, Robb believes that guiding people toward their purpose is both a gift and mission given to him by God. That same faith—enhanced by the principles that make up the Power of 3—enabled Robb to overcome the devastating diagnosis of two new cancers in 2017. Today, all traces of those cancers, as well as of a previous leukemia, are gone. Robb’s new mission is to help people overcome adversity and move forward in life by spreading the message of the Power of 3 to the world.

A father of three and grandfather of 4, Robb lives Eden Prairie, MN with his wife, Pam

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