Episode 77

Going on a Marketplace Mission Trip with guest Mike Henry Sr.


August 6th, 2020

25 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

Mike Henry Sr. is from Follower of One in Tulsa Oklahoma. He previously worked in IT Leadership and became a Christian after already establishing his career. When he came to know Christ, he was frustrated with the struggle of integrating his faith and his workplace.

After speaking with different pastors about overseas missions' trips, he realized that the workplace is just as much a mission field as anywhere. His passion is to help workplace Christians make their worktime count.

He speaks on the background of the Marketplace Mission Trip and what to expect when going on this mission's trip. He explains how every missions’ trip purpose is to go somewhere to build relationships with people in order to be able to share the gospel and that going to work every day is no different.

Mike explains Follower of One’s five steps that anyone can do every day to help become a marketplace missionary:

  1. Pray
  2. Appreciate people
  3. Know what you believe
  4. Serve others
  5. Speak for yourself

Each Marketplace Mission Trip is a two week experience that happens virtually through daily tasks, emails, and phone calls with others on the mission trip.

Find more information about Follower of One here: https://followerofone.org

Learn more about going on a Marketplace Mission Trip or to register for the next one here: https://followerofone.org/marketplace-mission-trips/

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