Episode 76

Thrive! Common Ground: Live Event Replay


June 25th, 2020

48 mins 34 secs

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About this Episode

At Ambassadors for Business we believe unity starts with finding common ground - via understanding each other. That's why we're hosting what we pray will become a monthly event called Thrive! Common Ground.

We desire for our community to keep asking the difficult questions, listening, and having dialogue that brings understanding without casting stones. In finding common ground we can begin to unite and make progress toward toward a just society where the vision of our country's forefathers can be realized.

Guest panelists included:

**Stephen Crawford, Owner of Experience Leadership

Ron McConico, CEO of McConico and Associates

Bill Green, Director of Multicultural and International Affairs

Brenton Carroll, Student at North Central University

Jeff Sidner, Owner, National Karate South Minneapolis, Hopkins, Bloomington**

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