Episode 74

COVID-19 Straight Talk: Episode 4 with guest Roger Thompson


May 18th, 2020

39 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

Listen to a recent message Roger Thompson of Berean Baptist Church shared with his Ironworks men's group about COVID-19.

Here's a quick note from Roger to go along with the message:

"My mind and heart are in the spin cycle every day. I bounce between the maddening constrictions and confusion pumped at me daily and the timeless encouragements of God's presence and promises. To elevate my spirit above the flood, I wrote these questions in my journal. I hope they will help you orient your heart as well.
8 Questions for Every Day**

Is the sovereign Lord still reigning?
Does Jesus have a plan for this day?
Does Jesus have a purpose for my life today?
Will the Holy Spirit be guiding me today?
Am I available when he directs me?
Am I willing to surrender to him?
Will I rest in his provision?
Will I diligently accept any assignment he gives me today?

There's no getting around it: we are in serious times. We need to be informed, but we need also to be infused with God's purpose and confidence. Take a deep breath of courage and hope as you ask yourself these questions." - Roger Thompson

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