Episode 63

Trusting God as A Christian Business Owner with guest Peter Demos


October 24th, 2019

29 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

Peter Demos was exposed to church and Christianity from a very young age. Through his exposure to people to claimed to be Christians, but didn't lead faith-filled lives, he became very antagonistic towards Christians. His experiences in college encouraged this attitude. When he met his wife, faith - or the lack thereof - was something they kept quiet.

When Peter gave his life to Christ, he started exploring what it meant to give every part of his life and business over to God as a ministry and a mission field.

"We started by changing the business over to God for him to use as a ministry and mission field." - Peter Demos

One question Peter addressed was "how does Jesus define success?" Jesus defines success as going and sharing the Gospel. As Christians, we must take care not to separate that command from what we do each week.

"If all things we do, we do to the glory of God, then that includes our business." - Peter Demos

Peter notes that as a culture, we have gotten away from an understanding that the Bible directs our paths. Peter notes that every time he reads the Bible, he makes sure he has a pen handy so he can note insights he sees. He has read the Bible every day since he gave His life over to God, and he still finds passages to meditate deeply on and truths that speak into this life.

Peter shares a few ways he ensures he is keeping God in the center of everything he does in his life and business:

  1. Have a faith mentor
  2. Pray and fast on a regular basis
  3. Set appointments in your calendar to meet with God
  4. Speak, "Lord, I trust you," aloud when you encounter fear

Find Peter's book, Afraid to Trust, and other resources by visiting his website.

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