Episode 62

Awakening the Royal Warrior Within with guest Kristina Bonfe


October 17th, 2019

25 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

Kristina Bonfe faced a 10-year stint of depression and a severe eating disorder. As she cycled in and out of treatement facilities she encountered the question, "what gives you energy?" As she processed this question, a vision of mountians flashed through her mind.

Kristina headed to Colorado and climbed the fifty-five 'fourteener' mountians in 87 days while living in her car. This experience of overcoming doubt, fear, and depression totally transformed her and gave her freedom.

Now Kristina shares her story and the transformation she went through with those she comes into contact with.

"My call is to wake up the royal warrior within us... to make a stand for God." - Kristina Bonfe

Kristina firmly believes that people need a new perspective in order to change behavior, so they can have a new life. By pursuing the mind of Christ, we find that perspective. Kristina shares that the only way we get the mind of Christ is if we are in His word, the Bible. As we believe the truth of His word, we come to know our identity in Christ and new habits and behaviors form out of that knowledge.

"Christians should be the most confident people on the planet." - Kristina Bonfe

Kristina encourages Christians to give God the "how" of your journey. God may have given you a dream and you know it is from Him and it will give Him honor and glory. Don't worry about the "how" - leave that to God - just take the next step and you'll get there.

Instagram: @KristinaBonfe
Website: www.kristinabonfe.com

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