Episode 58

Practical Ways to Integrate Your Faith and Work with guests Jim and Martha Brangenberg


August 29th, 2019

23 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

Jim and Martha Brangenberg co-host a radio show about marketplace ministry and bridging the gap between Sunday and the 9-5 work week. In this episode of Connecting Faith and Work they share practical ways to integrate your faith and work.

Jim and Martha did not always have an integrated theology in regards to the connection between faith and work.

"Early on in our marriage we were taught by other Christians around us that 'business is business and church is church. They have nothing to do with each other.'" - Jim Brangenberg

Despite this divide between their faith and work, Martha shares that they weren't neglecting to fulfil their responsibilities at their jobs altough in looking back she sees there was a lack of purpose at work.

"We believed in doing work with excellence and we did that. But we felt we had to hurry up and finish work so we could host Bible study, serve at church, etc. Our faith wasn't being activated in our 9-5 jobs."

Jim and Martha are seeing that the marketplace ministry movement is not exclusive to just one area of work. All work matters to God whether you are a stay-at-home parent, a c-suite executive, or a small business employee.

There are hundreds of books and organizations emerging all across the country and world to help equip Christians to bring their faith to work.

What do you say to a compartmentalized person?

  • Ask how that is working for them? If Jesus cares about the details of our lives, He cares about our work.
  • Do you believe God gave your the skills you have? Do you believe He equipped you for your work?
  • How can you minister to the people around you at work?

Jim shares that too many Christians have been taught they can live two lives: their church life and their other life. Becoming a Christian impacts every part of our life. Our lives are never the same after. We are impacted by who Jesus is. This must impact our 9-5 work.

Finally, Jim and Martha share practical steps Christians can take to start integrating their faith and work.

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