Episode 56

Helping Businesses Connect Faith and Work with guest Richard Coffey

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RightNow Media @ Work provides Christian business leaders with an online library of videos to provide to employees. Bob Willbanks interviews Richard Coffey from RightNow Media @ Work in this episode of Connecting Faith and Work.

RightNow Media @ Work is a branch of RightNow Media with a separate site and video library for companies to provide content to their employees to help them navigate all areas of their life.

"Our mission field as business leaders is inside of the 9-5 workplace we have and the relationships we build there." - Richard Coffey

Richard said the biggest hurdle they often see is that Christians in leadership don't know what they can and can't do inside of their own company. Richard says you definantely can bring faith into your workplace. The only thing you can't do is force someone to come to church or a Bible study with you, or to watch something faith based. RightNow Media @ Work is a tool for employers to provide voluntary content for their employees.

"It has been incredible to see what the Lord has done through something as simple as a video." - Richard Coffey

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