Episode 54

Using Your Passion with guests Reen and Linda Waterman


July 3rd, 2019

24 mins 53 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

Reen and Linda Waterman, founders of Your Refreshed Life, help people renew, reignite, and re-energize so they can take whatever transition point they are at in life and bring their faith into that new season of life.

In this episode of Connecting Faith and Work, Reen and Linda share how they read and study the Bible in order to live it out. They encourage listeners to draw nearer and nearer to God until they realize they are living each day for Christ.

Linda points out that when Jesus speaks, it includes action. If we just take one verse a day and invite God to make it real in our lives, we will be transformed. Reen discusses the importance of bringing everything we hear from pastors and what we read back to the Bible to confirm the truth of the content.

Finally, Reen and Linda discuss discovering and using your passion as a ministry to spread the truth of God's Word.

"Use your passion as a vehicle to deliever the message of the Gospel; that's your purpose." - Reen Waterman

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