Episode 53

How to Find Rest and Renewal with guests Reen and Linda Waterman


June 27th, 2019

23 mins 35 secs

Your Host

About this Episode

Reen and Linda Waterman, founders of Your Refreshed Life, help people renew, reignite, and re-energize so they can take whatever transition point they are at in life and bring their faith into that new season of life.

Reen and Linda share that we live in a culture where people are disillusioned and need encouragement. This all starts from a position of renewal and rest. Reen and Linda share some wise counsel on how to find rest and renewal.

  1. Study the Bible with a desire to find God
  2. Invest your time and talent into the things that really matter
  3. Learn to say no in a loving and kind way

Reen and Linda also share how they pause to hear from God, and what to do when you feel that you aren't hearing anything. The core of understanding God's will for life is create time for worship, Scripture reading, and prayer.

"We all need to bring our faith out of the doors of our home and church and reach our culture." - Linda Waterman

Reen and Linda share some advice for how to bring your faith out of your home and church. First, you need to have clarity in your heart and mind about what you believe and how God has brought you to that point. Second, build relationships with the people around you and be intentionall about share what God has done in your life.

Visit the Your Refreshed Life website to learn more about Reen and Linda's work.

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