Episode 52

Living a God-Centered Life, Part 2, with guest Steve Swain


June 20th, 2019

25 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

Steve Swain, president of CNH Machine, has been intentional about building a culture where it is ok to take risks, ok to speak your mind, and ok to live out your faith.

"Aligning truth, trust, and traction on the underpinnings of a God-centered culture is working really well for us." - Steve Swain

Steve shares that in the last two months, they have set corporate sales records. Everything is the same, and yet the team is producing at an amazing rate. Why is that? Because they are working together. Why is that? Because they trust each other.

At CNH Machine, they hire for character and train for skill. When Steve sees a new employee on the floor, he makes a point to go introduce himself. He intentionally says just his name and not his title. He makes small talk with the new employee, asks questions, and strives to be welcoming and build trust.

One key piece of this as a leader is to avoid putting yourself up on a pedestal. Steve will grab the broom to sweep the floor if it's dirty. If the phone rings and no one is around to answer it, Steve will. No job is below him. This builds a culture of trust, and when you trust your team you are able to take time away.

"We are not what we do. We are not what we have. We are not what others say about us. We are children of the one true King. Plain and simple. And no circumstance is going to change that. When we rest in that, given circumstances become less impactful in our lives because we are resting on something else. Grace wins every time." - Steve Swain

Learn more about CNH Machine by visiting their website.

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