Episode 51

Living a God-Centered Life, Part 1, with guest Steve Swain


June 13th, 2019

22 mins 8 secs

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About this Episode

Steve Swain, president of CNH Machine, takes seriously the fact that he is second to God in his business.

He shares that the concept of a work/life balance doesn't work. In that scenario, you have to choose between work, life, faith, etc. It is an either/or situation. Instead Steve believes that it is a matter of being centered in a God-world. We ought to be asking how we can make room for our personal or business lives in the midst of our God-life.

"Wherever your feet are, there goes the kingdom." - Steve Swain

Bob and Steve discuss the reality of living a centered life in an uncertain world. Steve says the secret is recognizing that he isn't the one handling everything; God is. Steve realizes that he has a choice to try to control his surroundings, or to submit to God's plan for his day.

"One of the best things I do is shut my door and pray, seeking a next step. When we go first to the good Shepherd and pray with a thankful heart and give Him our anxiety the fog in the road lifts just a little bit, enough to take one step forward. The other thing that happens is with the energy we are no longer spending on anxiety we have energy to take that step. The third thing is that when that step occurs and we see some improvement there it is so specific that we have no choice but to give God the glory." - Steve Swain

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