Episode 50

Developing Leaders with guests Rick Betenbough and Casey Brewer


May 23rd, 2019

19 mins 22 secs

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About this Episode

The executive management of the companies connected with Betenbough Homes have a leaders guide that outlines the principles which they follow. Rick Betenbough, CEO of Betenbough Homes, and Casey Brewer from Kingdom at Work discuss how they strive to be developmental in their leadership and organizational structure. They develop a lot of management internally, and they want to bring people into the organization who are a good fit with their core values and have the ability to do fulfil their role in the company.

"Leadership is not for the leader; leadership is for the people." - Rick Betenbough

Betenbough Homes is not an evangelism platform; you don't have to align with the beliefs of their leadership team to work for them. Rather, the leaders at Betenbough Homes desire to help those they lead become their best selves. They care for the people they lead, and seek to help them grow. Rick says people are attracted to leaders who lead for the benefit of the people.

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