Episode 43

Diversity Without Unity is Chaos with host Bob Willbanks


March 28th, 2019

20 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

Host Bob Willbanks believes there is unity in keeping our eyes on Christ Jesus. The starting point of Christian unity is the conviction that Jesus is Lord of our lives. To grow in unity with other Christians, we must live a unified life in Christ. We can't compartmentalize work, faith, family, leisure or any other part of our life.

Additionally, we are called to model our lives after Jesus. We have to acknowledge that our life is not our own; it belongs to Christ. We are people under the authority of God and we must build an intimite relationship with Christ so that we will understand what He would have us to do.

Building the foundation of an intimite life with Christ includes three core elements:

  1. Daily time reading and studying the Bible
  2. Gathering with a small group
  3. Active involvement with a local church

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