Episode 32

The Abundance Group with guests Dale Henry and Ashley Ebert


January 10th, 2019

26 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

Ashley Ebert's life and career path led her to start a wedding planning business with the help of her dad, Dale Henry. This business, The Simply Elegant Group, was developed to solve the problem of wedding planning affordability. Together, Ashley and Dale created a business model that solves this issue and has become a big differentiator in the market.

Dale Henry has a background in corporate business and corporate consulting. He helps people perform at their best and led their teams to do the same. He helps people play to their strengths, and has coached many people through the process of helping people start small businesses.

Together, Dale and Ashley make the perfect dynamic duo as they start The Abundance Group. The purpose of this new business endeavor is to create a comprehensive platform for entrepreneurs to find help as they build their business. The platform includes courses, tangible tools, master classes, and deals on business products and service providers.

Their mission is to ensure entrepreneurs prosper, and to Dale and Ashley, prosperity means joyous success. The Abundance Group is about serving others and adding value to other people first.

As the episode ends, Ashley and Dale share about mindsets they see among Christians in the marketplace that differentiate them from others in the secular world.

Visit Dale Henry and Ashley Ebert online:

The Abundance Group: www.theabundance.group
The Simply Elegant Group: http://thesimplyelegantgroup.com/
Critical Insight Group: http://criticalinsightgroup.com/

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