Episode 31

Faith Values in the Marketplace with guest Rob Gales


January 3rd, 2019

21 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

Rob Gales has been walking with the Lord for two decades, and God put him through a season of suffering and growth in 2017. Rob was diagnosed with late stage prostate cancer and through that journey he realized he had missed what God had for him in life.

In this episode of The Thrive! Podcast, Rob shares how this difficult season of suffering caused him to look at purpose and legacy in a new way, and the encourage those he consults to consider the path God has laid down for them.

Rob shares that there are different ways of looking at the connection between faith and business, with each way getting closer to what God desires for us to do:

  • There is being a Christian.
  • There is being a Christian in business.
  • There is opperating as a Christian in business.
  • There is giving your entire business to the Lord.

Throughout this episode, Rob shares stories of how he has sought to put God first in business, and lessons he has learned along the way.

Connect with Rob Gales via email at rob@vercor.com

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