Episode 27

Best of Thrive Series: Wealth, Creativity, Focus with host Bob Willbanks


December 11th, 2018

19 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

Adam Wallschlaeger from Action Coach, MN spoke about the parable of the talents from a business and personal development perspective. During some discussion, Bob realized the reason two of the servants went and put their talents to work right away was probably due to the type of relationship they had with the master. If they had an intimate relationship with their master, they would understand the expectations he had regarding the use of his money. Bob shares that we need to prioritize building an intimate relationship with Christ so that we can gain an understanding of what he wants us to do with what he has given us in life.

Thom Winninger spoke about how we have a perfect God at another Thrive! event recently. Bob found Thom's teaching about how we are created in God's image impactful. We are created to create more than we consume, and we are perfectly put together to do what God created us to do on this earth.

Another recent Thrive! speaker was Leary Gates. His training focused on the reality that we are not taking the time to think deeply anymore because of all the input that is coming at us. As Bob considers the teaching from Leary, he encourages listeners to unplug regularly and spend time getting closer with God and building that intimate relationship with their Creator.

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