Episode 20

Working Women of Faith, Part One, with guest T.J. Tison


October 11th, 2018

21 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

When T.J. Tison started her business over a decade ago, she noticed a lack of resources for women about working in a godly way. As she followed God's call to write about book to help fill this gap, she noted differences in the challenges men and women face in their work lives.

Women most prominently struggle with guilt in regards to work. When women are at work they feel guilty that they aren't at home, and when they are at home, they feel guilty that they aren't working.

In her book, Killing Wonder Women, T.J. strives to show women they don't need to be all things, to all people, all of the time. Rather she encourages women to identify who they are and who God has made us to be.

T.J. launched Working Women of Faith to build a community of women who can be real with each other and encourage each other in all aspects of their life.

As T.J. leads small group meetings for working women in the Twin Cities, MN suburbs, she has identified repeated issues women encounter as they balance faith, life, and work.

  • How to operate in a toxic work environment.
  • How to embrace who they are and what God has called them to do.
  • How to lead like Jesus.
  • How to manage all the varied responsibilities of a woman.

T.J. seeks to share Biblical truth with working women as they navigate the issues they face each day.

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