Episode 2

Guarding Priorities and Overcoming Isolation with guest Leary Gates


June 11th, 2018

16 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

Leaders are bombarded by information and demands upon their time as well as the temptation to isolate themselves. Leary Gates offers practical solutions from his strategic experience to help equip leaders to handle the onslaught in his conversation with Bob Willbanks on today's podcast episode.

"Don't confuse movement with progress." - Leary Gates

As people move faster in life, they become reactive rather than more strategic. Few leaders are able to effectively guard their time to advance the vision and priorities they have in work and life. We must consider the structure we have in place to help us guard our time and create value and work and life.

Isolation is another challenge CEOs and pastors often face. There is much pressure for individuals in these positions to have all the answers. This can stiffle vulnerablility and transperency. Leary shares how he started Strategic CEO to help isolated leaders by cultivating a community they can trust and lean upon.

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