Episode 12

"Livin' the Dream" with guest Jerrid Sebesta


August 16th, 2018

26 mins 8 secs

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Special Guest

About this Episode

Jerrid Sebesta retired from Kare11 at the top of his television career. Although the public was shocked, and many people simple couldn't understand his move, the decision was an straightforward one for Jerrid. Why? He felt God calling him in a new direction.

Bob and Jerrid discuss how someone can get to the point of leaving a successful career. Jerrid believes the answer is rooted in each individual's purpose. Jerrid asks his speaking audiences a series of questions to help them narrow down their purpose here on earth, and he shares this with listeners in this podcast episode.

From the topic of purpose, Bob and Jerrid move on to discuss the development of a personal mission statement, and the critical topic of identity.

In a culture that celebrates identity as the career you have, Jerrid suggests an alternate question to "what do you do?" His question gets to the core of where an individual places their identity.

And finally, paramount to living a unified life and unashamedly living our your purpose is humility, according to Jerrid. He shares his thoughts on humility with Bob in the last few minutes of this podcast episode.

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