Episode 10

How to Prioritize Rest with Host Bob Willbanks


August 2nd, 2018

11 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

How often do you truly take time to rest? This is a question, among others, Bob Willbanks asked himself in a period of burn out a few years ago. He learned that God intended for us to still take a day to glorify God by resting in God.

Bob invites Larry Kutzler, the producer of the Ambassadors for Business podcast, to join this conversation about making time for rest and being present in the moment.

A study of the Old Testament kings - and how they spent their Sabbaths - provided Bob with insight into the value of taking a Sabbath day to rest, study the things of the Lord, and to worship God.

The prospect of taking a day to rest terrified Bob; when he committed to a Sabbath rest he realized the benefits went beyond just feeling rested and focused at the beginning of a work week.

Bob developed a routine on Saturday mornings to settle work tasks from the previous week. This allows him to step away from work for the rest of Saturday and into Sunday. This allows time to truly engage with family and worship.

Find the Operation Timothy study mentioned by Bob here: https://www.operationtimothy.com/

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